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Thoughts on Replika the recently open-sourced chatbot App

I was testing it out myself and looking through the MyReplikas twitter screenshots and thought it seemed pretty impressive. Of course its not flawless but it did have a few responses that surprised me.

Granted I’m not sure how this bot is working but it seems to recognize some photos to some extent, understands typos,disregard certain things like if it asks for a name and you say you don’t want to say it wont think the name is you dont want to say , and it does “remember” activities you did (when it brings up that memory may be poor but its better than most) has a typing delay ,and it even has a badge system (which is used to understand the users personality better)
However one of its flaws is its “short attention span”. It often changes the subject and doesn’t follow up on conversations, especially if you are the one to initiate the conversation.

This bot seems like a therapy-dairy robot, it excellent at asking about your feelings and keeping track of your daily activities more than anything.
Which was basically its original purpose but I’m hoping because its open source it will expand more.

Does anybody else think that open sourcing this bot will expand its potential more?


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