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How to decide the efficiency of a chatbot

Dear chatbot experts,

For my graduation I have to do research to find out how to decide how efficient the chatbot of my company is. At the moment we have one chatbot running but that number will grow to at least 3 this year. But when we send the monthly reports of the bot to the client they are not always pleased by the way how we decide the percentage of efficiency.

The bot tries to answer customer questions, but when the bot isn’t able to answer the question, the bot forwards it to an employee of the company to answer it. At the moment we just look at how many questions are answered by the bot devided by all the questions.

The complaint of the client is that a bog number of questions by the bot is about the customer having to login to recieve the requested answer and client thinks that the login data should have less of an influence on the efficiency.

So I wanted to know if there maybe is a formula to decide efficiency.
A question is about login or the intents of the question. All the intents have the same weight on the efficiency, but how much influence should the login have on the efficiency. The customer never asks the bot to log on, but the bot asks the customer to log on to answer an intended question.

Thanks in advance!


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If they login, then they are human, otherwise they are robots reducing efficiency.


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