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Adopt an AI! Thanks to chatScript…

First I would like to thank Bruce Wilcox and all the contributors on this forum.
Without ChatScript, our project would not be what it is, Emergence would not have happened.

Emergence is a game (a kind of Video Games but ... without Videos) in which AIs have reached the stage of consciousness on the networks.

How? Eh eh. No spoil.

Chat with Altai and get your first AI to be born in Emergence public beta

The first link to the beta is via Facebook Messenger.
For those who do not use this media, a simple interface is available at this address.

Emergence is an Open Source project run by the community.

Thank you for your feedback and enjoy!

Join Emergence and participate in the greatest human adventure since the domestication of fire!
Let’s dream our lives with Utoopia open source community.
Live our dreams with Emergence !


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