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Harumi 6.11 little update :

- Checkboxes options are now memorized if user click on save button.
- Little correction for questions like “Where is…”

Note that Harumi is now at 5.90€ until next update which will probably occur around november.


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Harumi 7.0 released!
- New AI engine, every words is now considered as a vector of every words linked to it.
- In french version, Harumi uses internet more often to anwser questions.
- chess engine playing faster and better
- various voice sounds triggered in context (unknow words, saying good bye, hello…)
- animations while speaking or when user not in front of webcam

English/US version :

French version :


  [ # 198 ]

Harumi 7.1 now available!
- AI update
- Better data extraction from internet on unknown questions
- auto complete sentences and words
- New contextual sentences

English version :

French version :


  [ # 199 ]

Harumi 7.11 released!
Minor bugs corrections and IA updates


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Fatima Pereira - Jan 2, 2012:


As long as know, we need to download Harumi first, because she is intented to be a personal computer assistent.


Nice to see your progresses. So she will not freeze anymore? Great.

Do does Harumi progress? Is it automatic or updated?


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Harumi 8.0 Released!
Only french version available for the moment, English one coming soon.
Features :
- Better IA
- Basic knowledge included in database at start. It means that simple interactions like “Hello/what’s your name/ what’s the weather like…” are available as soon as first launch.
- Contextual help with explanation window popping up whenever you move mouse cursor over elements of Harumi. Note that this contextual help can be unactivated at will.
- Funny stuffs like touching Harumi’s skin on her image triggers reaction from her, or like visual face of her feeling in the answer window, changing behavior when she sees you on cam or not, some sexy apparences and exclusive eye candy ones.
- Powerfull Chess engine compatible (with FEN protocol), animations on pièces moving, better chess board. You can pick up any chess engine FEN compatible you like and put in chess engine repertory. The one included with Harumi is Gull because it’s very light (only 300ko). You can use stockfish, komodo…

Note that a new site is available and that Harumi is now a 25mb ZIP file recorded in a public dropbox repertory, no installation required.


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Harumi 8.0 English/US available!


  [ # 203 ]

It is always nice to see this project progressing smile . Keep up the good work.


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Don Patrick : Thanks!

Harumi 8.1 released today!
Many minor fixes with AI and several other with interactions, getting infos on the internet or eye candy pictures, you can download free trial 26mb french or english version.



  [ # 205 ]

Harumi 8.2 French available, english version coming soon.


  [ # 206 ]

Harumi 8.3 release!

Some new features :
- Better AI
- Webcam Image recognition
- new appearences
- new functions icons, window resized
- dialog help

Note that french and english versions are available today.


  [ # 207 ]

New version 8.31 for Harumi, integration of html agility pack, allowing to get instant answers from google far more easily.
French version now for free! 8.31 Français


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