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Burst sentence concept based

Hi there all.

Lets say i have this sentence:

i want to buy some apples some meat and then some fresh bananas and also sparkling water

Basically i need to split this sentence into parts so i can have a JSON array like this:


i already know how to use the ^burst() function where you can code like this

^burst($_sentence "some"

and the sentence is splitted into facts based on the “some"string

What if i define a concept like this:

~delimiters(and and_some and_then also also_some

and slpit the sentence based on all those words / phrases in the concept
Something like:

^burst($_sentence ~delimiters 

The above statement is not working.

Also i tried using burst sentence into words like this:

@= ^burst($_sentence)
$_length = ^length(@1)
= ^first(@1)
        if (
$_nextWord ? ~delimiters... }

But it is not working since next word is a single word but in the concept i have some phrases.

Can someone help me achieve this?
Any method will be great. Thanks


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u: (some _*1)  createfact, ^retry(RULE)


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