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Come and join me at UTTR in London Oct 3th with 50 GBP discount

Hey AI Zone friends!

On Oct 3th, I’ll be moderating a panel during the AI & Chatbots conference. I’m delighted to be able to give you a discount of 50 GBP.

Why don’t you join me? Finally! grin

Here’s a promo video I created (just like the other speakers did)


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I would truly love to attend, Erwin, but it’s just not possible this year unless I win the lottery. downer

Nice video, BTW. smile


  [ # 2 ]

next time it’s in the US!! And the year after I’ll win the lotery for you! grin


  [ # 3 ]

East or west coast? Since I’ll be in Maryland for a while (leaving Mom’s house on Sunday) I may be able to attend if it’s on the East coast. smile


  [ # 4 ]

I’m in Maryland too, so I look forward to the event being on the East Coast!


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Once I get settled there I think it would be good to meet up, perhaps for lunch? If that’s amenable to you, the easiest way to get hold of me is via Skype, where my handle is GeekCaveCreations. Of course you are also welcome to email me using the link under my avatar. wink I’ll be offline for a couple of days this weekend, though I should be back up and running by Tuesday evening. smile

Sorry for wandering off topic, folks. I’d say it won’t happen again, but you all know that’s just not true. cheese


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Dave Morton - Sep 23, 2017:

Once I get settled there I think it would be good to meet up, perhaps for lunch?

Hello Dave:

Would love to get together!  I’ll be in touch early next week.


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