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Expressive, Inc. launches emotionally responsive avatars

Hello botmasters,

I’d like to share a new company here of which I am a cofounder along with Chris Shaw of Haptek fame, called Expressive, Inc.

We are building a new realtime animation engine for chatbots, agents, and virtual humans. We picked up a little coverage in Venture Beat in July. Pardon the inaccurate use of “avatar” for agents!

We’re also working with Steve Worswick & Pandorabots to bring Mitsuku to life in 3D. You can check her new instantiation out on her own Twitch channel.

More news to come. Just wanted to say hello. My name is Jared Peters. I hope we can bring all your animated bot dreams to life.






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Since you are still working on it,

hopefully sharing my inspiration

will be found useful…

What do you think, Steve?





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