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generating an oriented graph with an AI (each node contains an narrative event)

I’m not sure I post at the right place. But here my problem: I’m making a novel generator (, there are some common points with chatbots. To make short, the user create an oriented graph that represents the world and then the program chooses a path in this graph to make the novel. I would like that an AI makes this graph (the world of the story), each node represents a narrative event. The main problem is to obtain a coherent world. So it’s like to ask to a machine to be creative and to be coherent… I’m bit stuck at this point. If some people knows some AI principle can be applied here, I will very appreciate. Thank you in advance.


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Welcome Julien,
I have had some success generating short stories and press releases on the fly. ask Skynet to tell you a story or write a press release.

I use story templets to do the generation.
You may want to create a tool that turns stories into your graph.

Researching story arcs and standard plots may also give you some ideas. The


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I didnt know for skynet, that’s interesting. And thank you for the useful links, exactly what I was looking for. You are the best chatbot Ive never speak with smile

Create a tool that turns stories into graph, That’s not easy, but I will try do something. It’s like turns a text to an ontology. It does not work very well (problem of metaphores…)


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lol I know a lot of people who have trouble with metaphors, so don’t feel alone. smile


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Dave, maybe you should try the Metaphives! LOL


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