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Hello members!

Let there be no misunderstanding, this message is 100% friendly intended.  It has been some time, since the misunderstanding which turned into a squabble, but actually began with good intentions. 





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Welcome back, 8-man! great to see you again! I’m looking forward to your point of view on matters AI-related. cheese


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Thanks Dave,

Hopefully other members do as well.

Here is A.I. related “News & Events”, that just came out called: 

It’s No Game | A Sci-fi Short Film Starring David Hasselhoff




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8-man, good one, more redux! cool smile


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Hey Marcus!

Lately, I have been researching travel industry IBM mainframes.  Apparently, the operator edits unprotected data fields in block mode to send transactions to the IBM mainframe all at the same time.  American Airlines and IBM developed the first high speed commercial computer communications network to operate in real-time.



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Welcome back!


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