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Eliza is not obsolete

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Eliza is not obsolete

Eliza is an elegant design that is better suited for certain jobs.  New designs have their own set of disadvantages which the Eliza legacy design does not have.


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I’d extend that to No old chatbot is obsolete.

(Because it can still serve as a bad example.)



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Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reply.

Well, for someone building their first chatbot, it is a good starting point.

It has many of the same functionalities as a more advanced chatbot.

The Keyword to response phrase is a one to one relationship: 

Which becomes interesting when the response phrase is formatted as a video.

How is a more advanced chatbot design response formatted as a video?


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Partial Quote from the article: Web 3.0,2817,2102860,00.asp

... semantic search engines seek to improve on the Google-like search model we’ve grown so accustomed to. The idea is to move beyond mere keyword searches to a better understanding of natural-language queries. “Right now, search engines can’t tell the difference between Paris Hilton and the Hilton in Paris,” says Jeff Bates, cofounder of Slashdot

So this article suggests the Google-like search model uses keyword searches… That just happens to be the same thing as Eliza does.  So there are cases where advanced natural-language queries are not utilitarian and the Eliza-like keyword search is not obsolete.


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I agree with you 8 man. People often snark at Eliza, but it’s all just part of an arsenal of programming techniques that have been used before, and still have a useful purpose in conversational systems.



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It is truly an honour to be viewed with approval by the founder of Robitron. Thank you.

Here is a bot I programmed to be less advanced than even Eliza… Ha, Ha..ha!
Sorry! But I do find that I still enjoy classic A.I. programming.  So I wanted a bot that was elegant and really simple, to explore the programmable application logic of an ASP.NET web service which uses standard web protocols such as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), HTTP for transfer and XML to describe, encode and transmit the data.

BTW: Not to suggest that I don’t find advanced A.I. systems FANTASTIC!
          I still enjoy listening to the A.I. oldies! So I hope to have fun with it here.

Before I go, let me just show you, my non-commercial, educational ASP.NET code Search Engine, a very basic kernel I coded in C# which works most of the time.



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