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How far are we ... ?

Hello to you all,

I would highly appreciate if someone would answer to the followings:

Is it possible to create a web-crawling program that could search on the internet for specific information and generate a summary out of the findings?
If it’s not possible, given today technology, how far are we from a that kind of achievement?

Thank you in advance.


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Of course it is possible, though the summary generated is only as good as the corpus (web pages crawled).  Search through Google or Reddit and you will find some summarizing bots. A really nice online one is smmry. 

I suppose the choice of what to try depends on what programming language you are using, or if you are just looking for an API to an existing online tool.


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Thank you for your answer.

I would like a ‘smmry’ similar application, where the input should be a expressio (for example the name of a product) rather than a link. Than, given a certain nb of parameters, the app should web-crawl and get just a couple of relevant pages to summarise around that expression.

I would like to know if there is an open source application, but an API would work too.
In other words something similar to “smmry”, but adapted to a new application. 

Thank you again.



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Enter into google: smmry algorithm

You will get a lot of links to various solutions, hopefully one of them will work for your needs.


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