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Chatbots are taking over our lives, and it’s a good thing

It’s just another day at the office. You start off with a cup of coffee as you scroll through all the unread messages from last night. Your Facebook feed shows it’s your friend’s birthday, so you drop him a message on Messenger. There’s an interesting article on chatbot platforms, so you decide to share that with your WhatsApp group. A colleague texts you, notifying you of a meeting at 10 am. Without you ever realizing it, your whole life revolves around two words: messaging apps.


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Good morning too!

Corporate chatbots are taking over but what about personal ones? I need a chatbot that can get information from my health insurer. What if I call the insurance company and make them talk to my chatbot?


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Chatbots are not (yet) taking over our lives.

Messaging and chatbots are two separate things.

A messaging service that reminds you to take your meds or looks up the best local eatery is not by any stretch a chatbot.

Spam is still spam, even in this age of “post-reality” (see what I did there?).


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