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Bot Stack Compendium

> How to build your best bot: the Bot Stack Compendium (by @MicaelaNeus)

The Compendium tracks tools and services to build bots. Each one is tagged with a category and linked to its source and documentation. We also identify the level of engineering skill needed to make use of the tool, its pricing schema, its licensing and other handy information.

Pro Tip: Open in a new tab for a better look. Make a copy in order to sort/filter the results.

The Compendium will give you a clearer grasp of the landscape of frameworks, services and platforms related to bot building. It’s restricted to tools for text-based agents so you won’t see things like Alexa Skills or APIs for identifying photos listed here.


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Thanks, Marcus. I noticed that Program O wasn’t represented there, so I took the liberty to submit a request for inclusion. I appreciate the information. smile


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