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Chatterbox movie 1997: a talking vagina?

In our research on synonyms of the word ‘chatbot’  we obviously also researched ‘chatterbox’.

And you know what we found? The movie ‘Chatterbox’  (US 19977) about a talking vagina!

Isn’t that weird? Anyway, this book will definitely be listed in our entertainment section!


  [ # 1 ]

Erwin, I think you may have meant to say: 1977.

I can not see how that movie relates to chatbots.

1977 is a few years before even the IBM PC came out.


  [ # 2 ]

Change man, changed!

It doesn’t related to chatbots, but just the word ‘chatterbox’ is obviously related. We’ll list this movie in our section: ‘other meaning of Chatterbox’ (which is a lot).


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