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iBot is a bot that can talk with you about anything you’d like! Just make sure that you use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation when you’re chatting with her, as she learns from you. The more you chat with her, the more she’ll learn from you.


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I enjoyed chatting with this bot. She has the same voice as the Voice Assistant (Sam) has which sounds sweet and pleasant.
Also liked the fact that the voice played aloud as soon as the Enter key was pressed and the text displayed.

The bot does not know very much and was not able to make connections to the topic at hand making it difficult to carry on a continued conversation.

I tested “her” several times to see if she was able to “learn” as your text indicated. She was not able to do so.

One can only assume that any “learning” is done by the botmaster inserting newly acquired information into her script file(s). To me, this is the Botmaster learning…not the bot.

Overall, a nice chat for the most part until I asked “Jane” if she liked robots. Her reply was that “they f*****g scare me.”

I certainly didn’t expect that kind of response. A few lines later she said sweet things to me.

So, it seems there is an issue with balance of how well or how friendly it should be after just meeting someone.
Then there’s that “learning” thing….


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Hey, Art. Thanks.

She learns, but she doesn’t learn by ‘learn’ prompts - that is, by the keyword ‘learn’ so and so. She learns from speaking with people, and remembering their responses to her prompts, and when someone else use a similar prompt, she’ll utilize those responses that she learned by speaking with the people before her.

Of course, she doesn’t learn everything people say to her, otherwise, she’ll be a jumble mess. There’s a filter set in place to filter out certain things that she shouldn’t learn, or deem not important enough to learn. And yes, she learns right away after speaking with someone - the botmaster does not have to insert anything.

And lastly, that last response…Well, let’s just say the filter isn’t perfect yet, but I’m working on it!


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Thank you for the response. Perhaps I’ll give her another go.
Is there any particular topic that might be of interest or should I just chat about anything that comes to mind?

Thanks and continued success!


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