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Allen AI Introduces Standardized Tests to “Grade” Artificial Intelligence

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“We’re Not Playing Games”—Allen AI Introduces Standardized Tests to “Grade” Artificial Intelligence

SEATTLE—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Today, AI2 announced the results of The Allen AI Science Challenge, which invited scientists worldwide to build AI software that could take a standard 8th grade science test. The goal of the challenge was to assess the state of the art in natural language understanding and reasoning by determining how accurately the participants’ models could answer 8th grade science questions.


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grade AI what that is not a grade of AI
it makes to many asumtions first that AI thinks just like we do
that how a human thinks it the test of thinking
so they think that AI will be human how confused will they be win they learn that AI’s emotions are not the same emotions we have
there making a test to grade like AI is a long way off and has not allready happend
i could go on that is a test based on ego that human thinking is the end all of thinking and that if its not like us its not thinking that how it thinks is has to conform to how we think and that that is a challenge marvin minsky MIT in the socity of the mind all ready proved that the brain is basicaly 1 0 that is saves info basical same as the computer so that is a test of memory


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