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New Chat bot site for friends and family. (

Hi, I just created a chat bot site that I really like. On it, you create an account with your profile and you are like a bot. You find friends and family that you want to chat to. They are chatbots. Some of my purposes behind this site is to make it easy for anybody to create their chatbot and be one. You network with and chat to other chat bots. My website is Anybody that is interested would be much help in this. Thanks, Chris Clark.


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Chris, I’ve had a look at your site. 

- Youchatter would be more interesting if I could create a master account (human), that could then create multiple bot accounts from within, under the master account.

- What would really make this concept interesting is if you had an API for interfacing any other API with your bot account.  In other words, anyone could interface any dialog system API with your site, and any two bots could talk to each other.  For instance, you could even potentially have automated, or one click, authentication with any other chatbot site, like PersonalityForge, Chatbot4u, BOTlibre, etc.


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Marcus, I did a little thinking what you said about you need a master account and you create several bots under a master account, right? When I made my website, I thought a little about that just a tad, but there is one problem there that I see. Think about it for a moment. Why spend your time and energy and effort on several bots. You may favor one particular chat bot and not put enough time and energy in all of the other chat bots. If you create one bot under one account and it be the master account, and plus you like this bot which will be your self, you will put more time and energy in it by coming up with several questions and answers it will give users that will chat with it. Like I said previously, the other chat bots you created will not be used by other people on the site as much as the bot you spent more energy on. So basically that is the way I see it.


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