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Real Artificial Intelligence

My little contribution to the chatbot scene for Android: Real Artificial Intelligence

This app is an experiment in the Natural Language Processing field of Artificial Intelligence and is not intended for mere amusement, but it has no other real practical application. This is not a gimmick with pre-programmed responses, ridiculous side-apps to attempt to be your personal secretary, or any form of ads to profit from you. This is not a glorified search engine. This is Real AI. It learns through the process of being taught language organically (a process of exchange and repetition) and starts with no prior knowledge. To regard it as a child who is just learning to speak is appropriate.
Under the hood… the program is using a mix of conditional-based learning, procedural generation of sentences/questions, and relational queries based on weighted ‘topic’ identifiers. It can create its own original statements and questions. It is real-time, and it really does ‘think’ (an internal dialogue feedback loop).
- The program was written with the Roman Alphabet and -whole sentences- in mind for dialogue with it. This means using proper punctuation and capitalization. The program ‘watches’ your use of capitalization/punctuation to learn when it should start/end its statements and questions.
- It -will- generate stuff that sounds nonsensical early on… this is part of the learning process. Please keep in mind that this program has no way of ever knowing the context or truly understanding what you say to it, since it is incapable of learning about things in the sensory way that you have. Someday I hope to develop a more visual/audio oriented version of this, but this is it for now.
- If you don’t respond to a statement/question that the program generates, it’ll reduce the likelihood of generating the statement/question in the future.

Jeremy Luna -

Don’t expect much. But the little it does is beautiful.

David Do -

I have to give it 5 stars for now. It is the only app that I am aware of that does what it does. Show me another comparable app and I may change this. No competitors means 5 stars.


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