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Barbie Chatbot Video

Barbie is now a chatbot.


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That’s pretty amazing, really. Now they need an interactive, talking G.I Joe for little boys.

Or, maybe not. After thinking about what it would be like for pre-adolescent me to have a talking action figure that could actually carry on a conversation, the potential outcome was fairly terrifying. Best not to look down that particular dark, scary alley. raspberry cheese


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I agree, that’s a pretty cool toy, a step up from a handful of pre-recorded messages. I have no idea how they are powering all that in that frilly frame though.


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> Watson-powered toy blows past Kickstarter goal in a day

=> Elemental Path presents CogniToys - KickStarter Video

This IBM Watson powered “smart toy” (aka “cognitive toy”) is today’s breaking news….


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