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Program AB Web Services help


i am working on program AB which is based on Java.. i need help please guide me what should i do ,

1) how can i use custom webservice .. where i can define more then 10 web services ..
Example : if user typed what is the meaning of play so it should call my custom wordnet service.

2) if user typed any query and it is not in my AIML there is no pattern define so how can i response another templates with related to the user query .. or previous query

3) how can save chat logs with user provided name .. and how can i use previous chat log with current chating
Example: if user provide me name .. ” my name is John Doe”
and if after chating with many people if user came back and say ” my name is John Doe”
then bot can remember him and how ..

please must reply for above 2 question if there is 3rd question answer so please guide me thanks


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