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And by the way we’re all doomed.

This year has seen more AI apocalypse movies announced and more popular figures warn of impending doom than I care to remember. Whether pessimistic or optimistic views, it is important to note that few of these voices came from people actually working on AI.
Nevertheless I read a few articles that I’d like to share, if only because one features Mitsuku:

Will AI destroy humanity? Siri, John Connor, a-chatbot and a roboticist weigh in

Several experts have also responded to Stephen Hawking’s latest and only two sentences on the subject. Please note that the first opinion is given by an expert in anthropology.

I want to assure you all that when robots take over the world, it will be by my design, not by accident. I hope to create a small role playing game in which you may try and outsmart a superintelligent AI, just to explore a realistic unrealistic scenario.


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