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Hi everyone,

I work on project named and want to get feedback from you.

You can create your virtual copy which will chat with people like you. Improve your Rebot by adding answers to unanswered questions. You can add some questions to ask to people randomly when your Rebot can’t find anything to say.


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Nice interface, I’m always glad to see more chatbot SaaS.

- What is your chat schema or chatbot language?

- Is the knowledgebase downloadable, and uploadable?

- What are the knowledgebase size limits?

- Is there an API?

Basically this is a children’s toy unless and until there is complete control over the knowledgebase.  I need to be able to download the knowledgebase, in order to see the knowledge schema.  Once I see the knowledge schema, then I can bulk upload my own knowledge.  These common hand taught systems are just for kids.  No business user will spend the time to create what they need manually, especially with no hope of knowledge repatriation or offline backup.

Without an API, no business user can actually hook the thing up to anything useful.  For instance, I would like Twitter integration.  I would like both to be able to quickly and easily attach it to an interactive Twitter account, as well as have it learn to respond from either its own timeline of people followed or by simply plugging-in a #hashtag.


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Thank you for feedback Marcus. You asked very important questions. I will improve this project. My plan is to make knowladge base unlimited. I will add import and export support. There isn’t an api but I am planning to add it. I will add Twitter and Facebook integrations in feature


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My link in first post is broken how can I update it?


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No worries, admins can correct the link =>

BTW, I’m trying to maintain a list of chatbot APIs under the Quora question => What are the best dialog system APIs for the Internet of Things


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The first post has had the link fixed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. smile


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Thank you very much smile


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I started to match entries with levenshtein algorithm and it gives very good results.

it can understand below strings are same.

“What is your real name?”

“What’s your reel name”


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