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ATT’s first video

So, we just produced our first short video. It’s self made since we didn’t have time to get a pro working on it yet (that’s for the next one).
Anyway, what do you guys think?


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Good first video.  Video production is certainly not easy to do.
Here may be a small adjustment, suggested for the next video.

This is minor feedback. Perhaps you may smooth this section of video out a little next time.

0:48 Suppose no rain is predicted within 24 hours
0:51 and the humidity is low and time is within the previous experience only then
0:59 we would activate the sprinklers in your garden. Would this not be great?

Constructive critical humor:
It may be great to go ice skating on my lawn, if the temperature is below freezing.
Let me know if it is OK to joke around about the skunk who lives in my yard.

(Just friendly joking here!)


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I also thought the video was good, and I have to agree with Tom’s (non-joking) observations. (the jokes were ok, as well, though) cheese


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As an independent comic artist / animator / editor I probably have a different look on this than most, so don’t mind my critisisms smile

I like the ‘storyboard’ feel of it, the little graphics and arrows inbetween, it’s simple, and simplicity is exactly what you want to express. The voice is pleasant, although it’s particularly robotic in the first sentence.
The “never be late again” text was lost on me, I was too busy reading what the lady was narrating and it’s not a very readable font to read at a glance. If you find these phrases important, perhaps move them to the bottom and add a bit more of a pause before moving on, to allow people to read it. Or just leave them out, the narrating-reading is already holding a firm grip on my attention.

I suggest swapping the second and third example scenario. The first scenario is a very strong one, it even convinced me. Alarm clocks taking traffic delays into account? Spectacular. The second example is fairly strong because it’s common, but the google map picture doesn’t seem related to the story and doesn’t fit in with the visual quality of the other two. How about a picture of a house where the lights turn on at the end? The third example is unfortunately weakest, while you should want to end on a strong argument. The issue I imagine is that not everyone has a garden (e.g. apartments), and of those who do, I know no-one who has a sprinkler system (because in the Netherlands, it always rains). So the final question “Wouldn’t that be great?” is lost on me, making the whole story crumble. I advise either a greater example, or a different ending dialogue.

Speaking of which, overall I’m missing a little clarity about what it is that you’re offering, the product, although it could be that that’ll be clear in the context of the website or presentation. Somewhere along the lady says “We” will turn the sprinklers on, while the heating turns itself on, and you mention “solutions”, which by now is a vague general term. Although perhaps obvious for people familiar with home automation, I could also imagine that your company’s employees will be turning my things on and off remotely tongue wink

Overall, pretty good.


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The video presentation was nicely done but it doesn’t actually show what the physical product(s) is/are and how they interface with one’s home.
I know this was probably one of those teasers or get-your-attention productions but a few more specifics would be nice.
People like to know what they’re getting.

Overall, good job.

(hopefully the “system” would also know the Time of Year so your yard does not become an ice rink! wink


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Thanks guys. Some very good arguments.

@Don, you have a point.  I have noticed that depending on the individual, one or the other story is more appealing.

We stayed clear of presenting a physical system at this stage and opted for a more general overview of things you could do with it because of 2 reasons:
-firstly, pretty important, the system itself is still in full construction. We can already do stuff with it but it’s pretty basic and all bare bone, so no fancy graphics yet, just a bunch of text, which isn’t that good for videos.
-an important reason for the survey was to determine which specific features should be worked out first. For instance, if it turns out that people prefer fancy graphics to show historical data, that will be done first and in more detail.

@Art: yep, just hook it up to a calendar & a weather forecasting service, much like you use IFTTT


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Jan, obviously confidentiality limits your response beyond the nice hints already given.

Hint: “It’s self made since we didn’t have time to get a pro working on it yet.”

So, please do not feel obligated to respond to any speculation made here…
Really.  It’s OK. The need for confidentiality is understood and respected.

An ingenius insight, Don may have had, when he said, “The voice is pleasant, although it’s particularly robotic in the first sentence. ” which leads to speculation…


The membership may now start to form a hypothesis: 

AllThingsTalk is an A.I. that talks !!!

That is AllThingsTalk speaking in it’s self made video !!!

Wow!  All jokes aside… I really want to take that AllThingsTalk survey!


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Good one 8pla.

If all went well you should have received an email yesterday with the link to the survey.


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