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Need a bot I can teach, which will recommend products

I have a large database of products in a certain niche, and I’m wondering how I could create a chatbot which helps people narrow down their decision, or better, ultimately recommend a solution for them.

I don’t know where to start - is there a platform which will build a chatbot I can host on my own website, which takes my knowledge about these products into its database and then can help my site visitors find the best product for their needs?

Some sort of domain specific chatbot builder platform I guess ... just not sure where to start.

I’ve seen some big technology companies like virtuoz that build these things for top brands and make customer service bots for specific products. But in my case I want the chatbot to determine which product is best for the customer.

Also I’d like to build it myself and not get into hiring some big company, as I don’t have a big budget and want to learn to do it myself first.

Any suggestions on where I might get started?



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Hi Peter, you may want to check out our free bot hosting service at

You can get started developing a bot there free.  As your needs grow, you can move up to a subscription shared or dedicated hosting service. 

I’d like to talk with you more about your application.  Give me a call at +1-609-379-2552 or Skype dr.wallace

Best regards,

Richard Wallace


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Ok I’ve tried to call a couple times.

I did try pandorabots but it was very slow last week. Will try again.



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@Peter 011-1-609-379-2552


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