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Writing a bot from scratch
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Hi Gary . .yes, that is where I am starting.  My goal is to have my chat bot answer questions based on correlation of complex natural language statements and complex natural language questions, I will check the articile you specified, thanks!

8PLANET—this past weekend I made a major breakthrough in the speed of my algorithm (which is still 100% serial)    However, I still feel that parallel processing is the way to go.  let me know your progress on your investigation into linux supercomputing.


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Hum…  I just watched and read a lot about IBM’s dr. Watson project . ..still, it seems that kind of old style “tunnel vision” type of A.I.  I don’t think it is capable, and I don’t think they hand in mind, an interactive conversation capable of the Loebner prize. 

No, sounds like a clever algorithm to match up data on to questions, not to fully understand, a statistics word matching system.

Can you train the system using naturual language? can you tell it a story and ask it questions about it ?


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Play against I.B.M. Watson ...


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Interesting . .I found more information about Watson.  The engine it uses is DeepQA.  Seems they ARE using deep parsing, it will really be interesting if they do succeed in creating a truly intelligent conversational agent that can pass a Turing test.  Or, can it only do a matching up of facts with questions based on ‘best guess’ matching.  It doesn’t seem that they are at that point . .. Yet!  Seems like a very good start actually now that I have read more on it.


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