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Generating traffic - beyond the usual tools
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Morti’s got some friends that could use your help. Both RICH and Mitsuku would dearly love to chat with you, as well. When you visit, please tell them that Morti sent you! Thanks! :D

Didn’t get a chance to put the links up till this morning, but it’s done. And ~EVERYONE~ who visits will see the above text. smile


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Thanks to everyone!

The logs are proving INVALUABLE. Funny, no matter how much you think it through, no matter how much in house testing you do, it is inevitable that the first person to use it in the “wild” will do the one thing that you didnt think of and cause it to break. Its like they have radar.
Anyway a few bugs have been zapped, a few things re-arranged, and RICH is having a few fairly long conversations. Im going to clean up (in more ways than one wink some of the more interesting ones an put them online.

Once again thanks,



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