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Need Assistance!

I need assistance creating a conversational pedagogical avatar. It appears that this site is what I am looking for but I do not know enough about coding and development to create the avatar and script. Is there someone who can assist or lead me to a tutorial that can provide step-by-step directions. This is my topic for a course that ends in 3 weeks.


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Well here is a 100% free script download hosted by Microsoft codeplex.
It has 91 downloads so far, and it is very simple written in C#
which is installed nearly all Windows PCs in the .NET framework

Its goal is to test the Loebner Prize Protocol using a simple bot.
However, the LPP library has not been added yet, so it is very
simplified at this point.

Beyond that, why don’t you tell us a little more about it?

Here is a little something else you may find interesting… It’s 100% FREE  ... It talks back to you, if you want.

If you are out of time, and you want one of the very best chatbots,
here is one you can try and recommend to your classmates and teachers.

It may cost about one dollar to try it.  Tell’m 8-Man sent ya.

NOTE: This is simply for informational purposes. It is not an advertisment.


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My limited knowledge of coding must be the problem.  How do I change the script and have an avatar speak it?  I guess I’m looking for pre-packaged avatar scripting software that uses animated characters to respond!  Any suggestions?


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The following information is for informational purposes
for sake of conversation only, not for any other use. 


My personal notes in Windows Vista:

I just copy and pasted this code into notepad and saved as “C:\TTS.vbs”
with “double quotes” so it did not add the “.txt” extension automatically.

Then I did: Start / Run / (and typed in) C:\TTS.vbs (and clicked OK)

A little applet poppped up, I typed in “hello” clicked the button
and the computer said “hello” to me in my headphones.


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