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Type III

Type III is up



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Vincent, do you have a YouTube channel?  Some people prefer screencast videos of someone in the know putting chatbots through their paces, showing what they are capable of, like demo videos.  Narrated screencasts are not too hard to make.  In fact, there are lots of videos on YouTube of young people railing at text based chatbots with hilarious adlibs.  BTW, I’ve been using semi-automated tools to build up my “Meta Guide Videography (Best of the Best Videos)”, below.



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Not as yet but thanks for the suggestion, its a good one. I have seen some pretty funny exchanges with AI. We call it the “Im a daisy” response.

User: Hello
AI: Hello to you
User: How are you?
AI: “Im a daisy!”

Thanks again for the suggestion Marcus. The Type IV should be up in a week or so, and this introduces the subjective analysis of concepts.  This would be a good point to post some videos and well take you up on that. (Im expecting sort of a childs reasoning on why something is liked or disliked) Regarding the nature of the “Im a daisy” response Im putting together some thoughts on this and how it relates to an unrestricted Turing test and Im going to plublish them here in the near future.



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[chuckles] Programming stored responses and I couldnt resist.
Ordinarily saying “Hello “[name other than current name”] will produce a rather dry “My names not [wrong name]
Since RICH will by pass syntactic recognition in the humor module
it made this possible

“Hello Joshua”
“Hello Dr Faulkner, would you like to play a game? LOL”

and I have to admit it must be humorous because it made my day


“whadda geek”


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