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how do you get a aiml 2.0 chatbot to conform to the loebner prize

The new loebner prize protcol reminds me of the interface used to upload files to the old pandorabots developer portal. They even say you can connect a server to the loebner prize protocol. Except the rules for submitting an entry to the contest say that the robot can’t connect to the internet. every year I mean to enter the contest, but because I’ve never been able to fiigure out the loebner prize protocol I’ve never been able to enter.

If the chatbot still has to be connected to the machine locally; I’m still not sure I could enter. this would mean Id have to use program ab and my aiml code not only runs slower in program ab. this is probably because it isn’t well designed code. regardless the main problems I have with program ab. udc pattern replaces star. If I try to use one unknown word as a pattern it ignores it in order for a pattern to be recognized as udc, I have to use two unknown wildcards. wildcards in program ab are explicit. in the pandorabots playground the star wildcard means any wildcard one or more if no other pattern is matched.

In program ab a wildcard with two stars means any time when approximately two words or more are entered a match occurs.  (even wihen there are other patterns that should have higher priority).
I tried to get around this by randomnly making pattern * * endpattern have a srai starindex2slash endsrai this may be because I don’t use sentence splitters. I like my chatbot to answer the main idea of a sentence so my chatbot ignores all punctuation. however the chatbot does recognize question words, so it does recognize questions


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You’re not alone. The Loebner Prize protocol was altered and difficult to understand unless you had specialist knowledge. This prevented many from entering last year.

I normally enter all the Pandorabots on behalf of anyone who wants to enter but the contest is changing this year and it is doubtful that the Loebner Prize protocol will still be used. Keep checking this page for any official updates:


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well thank you for the kind words


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Probably nobody knows yet, but I was just trying to implement the “new” one after I got the old one to work years ago.

Is it going to be changing again? I hope I’m not wasting my time on the new one smile


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the rules for the contest say you can’t be online when using the loebner prize protocol. If thats true how do you enter the contest using only the new loebner pirze protocol. Is it possible you have to use that converter that converts between the old loebner prizeo protocol and the new one. Is that what everyone’s doing? Thank you to anyone who can me headed in the right direction on this. The only think I really want to know is 1)if you can use the new loebner prize protocol with the contest without the converter and 2) how the new loebner prize protocol reads the files if theyre stored locally.  I know there may be yet another way of entering this year this may all be thrown out but I need to get better at programming anyway.


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Since 2018 the organisers of the event have hinted at relaxing security and other restrictions to allow for more participants to enter. They have also described casting off the competitive aspect, replacing monetary prizes, and holding the event more as an exhibition. Personally I project that to mean that even if a competition will be part of the exhibition, they will allow online bots. The contest rules that are currently online are outdated, I consider it quite possible that the Loebner Prize Protocols won’t be used again since those were one of the ‘restrictions’ that warded off participants. My advice is to wait until the official announcement of this year’s event.

In previous contests, most people have used a converter between LPP1 and LPP2 or developed their own program to communicate between their chatbot and the newest LPP2. So, 1: Yes, you can use the newest LPP without a converter for the old one, that was why they made a new one. And 2: the new LPP doesn’t read local files, it sends and receives messages directly through a network connection.


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John Holton - Apr 21, 2019:

Is it going to be changing again? I hope I’m not wasting my time on the new one smile

You are definitely wasting your time. The new Loebner Prize protocol will no longer be used as its complicated nature prohibits most people from entering. The last couple of years have been more of a network programming challenge than an AI competition. As Don says, you should wait for an official announcement before continuing and spend the time working on your bot rather than trying to work on the LPP interface.

Message to AISB: I suggest the details for entering that are displayed on your website are amended, even if this is a short “details coming soon” message, as I imagine many people are starting to look towards this year’s event/contest.


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fine, i guess ill wait till may 7 to see if they update I don’t mean to be a jerk its just if a loebner prize protocol is used its going to take a really long time for me to get the chatbot loebner prize complaint. hopefully theyll have the new rules finalized sooner so more people can enter this year. I guess Ill just wait and see what happens.


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I am excited to enter the contest this year. Id like to thank the forum for letting me know about the rule changes before they became official.


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as for program ab it matches patterns either by opposite alphabetical order z files match first or the most recent file..I cant wait tp enter now.


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Program AB matches in file order. If you have duplicate categories, the one that is loaded most recently is activated.


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well I just asked to enter this years contest except without sentence spliters my files cause program ab to hang. I modified program ab and created a massive custom substitution file to auto sentence split. it was supposed to split whenever there was a new line. This broke a lot of my patterns. I patched most of my patterns into the substittution file but there are definetly situtations where it doesn’t work. here is my readme for the contest. Is this acceptable?

1) install the prerequisite installer
2)you have 4 bats to choose from
this is not the preferred of the robot
for answering questions.
this version of brian is designed
to have features removed like
changing topics when the patterns
who are you or how are you is used
the original idea is to deal
with the ambiguity between I am happy
and I am brian.
all versions of the robot are designed
to work without sentence splitters.
however if you type an input longer
than 23 words the robot may stall
indefinitely. a 35 word sentence has
been known to stall the robot for 10
minutes even with the auto sentence
If the robot stalls for longer than
a minute and you want to interview
it. use this bat file
the preferred version of the robot
for answering interview questions.
no inputs from last years preliminary
interview froze any version of
brian the robot.
uses an auto sentence splitter that
breaks many patterns. If you type
the test sentence into the robot after
saying hello it will take 10 minutes
before it responds. it ultimately
will respond though. the offending
input was 50 words auto split into
two sentences. has access to powerful
topics that allow it to make up its
own sentences after the inputs how
are you and who are you. It also
changes how the meaning of I am
after those inputs.
the preferred version of the robot
for having conversations.
does not contain the pattern breaking
sentence splitting of 35 words.
retains some auto sentence splitting
involing I also
contains all the features of the
robot. should work with all patterns.



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I’m confused. Why are you not using sentence splitters?

You lost me at “install the installer” and “here is a bat file but do not use it”.

Unless you are attending in person to set up your bot, these instructions make no sense. Remember that your bot will be displayed as part of an exhibition where members of the public will be able to talk to it.


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With those kind of delays you can expect judges and visitors to think it’s broken and give it zero votes, even with the best of instructions. In recent years a lenient response time of 3 minutes was granted in the qualifying round (which no longer exists), and before that, less than 30 seconds, on the grounds that response times should be plausibly human-like as well.

If I were you I’d fix or automatically exclude patterns that could cause such delays, or if necessary even trim the input if it exceeds your max word count, but not use anything that takes more than a minute to respond. If your 23-word version is safe, go with that. Luckily for you most people don’t type more than 23 words. Of all previous contests, only Winograd Schema questions exceeded that length.

Is the problem that there are newlines in the middle of your patterns? If so, can you show an example?


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Are you guys getting responses from the AISB? I emailed .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) saying I was interested and asking a couple of questions but have yet to get a response.


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I received a reply on Friday. They said they will set up a more formal submission process soon. They’re still working out some details and additions.


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